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About Williams & Gallagher



G. Cabell Williams, III

In 2004 Cabell Williams concluded a 23 year career at Allied Capital Corporation (NYSE:ALD), a $3 billion Business Development Corporation based in Washington, DC. While at Allied, Mr. Williams held several positions including President, COO and Managing Director following Allied’s merger with its affiliates in 1998. From 1991 to 2004, Mr. Williams either led or co-managed the firm’s Private Equity Group. He directed Allied in six control buyouts investing approximately $220 million, resulting in an average internal rate of return, of 43%. Prior to 1999, Mr. Williams led Allied’s Mezzanine investment activities. Between 1988 and 2000, he was directly responsible for investing approximately $500 million in over 50 LBO transactions that resulted in an average internal rate of return of 17%. Mr. Williams served on Allied’s Investment Committee where he was responsible for reviewing and approving all of the firm’s investments. Prior to 1991, Mr. Williams ran the company’s Minority Small Business Investment Company. He also founded Allied Capital Commercial Corporation, a real estate investment vehicle. 

Over his 23 years at Allied he has served on the board of directors of various public and private companies. Today he is a Senior Managing Partner with Farragut Capital Partners, a $100 million SBIC in Chevy Chase, MD. He also serves as an independent director on the Board of Saratoga Investment Corporation (NYSE:SAR), a publicly traded Business Development company located in New York, NY. Mr. Williams attended The Landon School, graduated from Mercersburg Academy, and Rollins College where he received a BS in Business Administration.




Susan K. Gallagher

Susan Gallagher is an experienced principal investor with a track record of success as a senior lender at Chase Manhattan Bank, a mezzanine investor at Allied Capital Corporation and an equity investor at Thayer Capital Partners. Before founding Williams & Gallagher, Ms. Gallagher was at Thayer Capital Partners, a Washington-based private equity investment firm. The firm raised over $1.2 billion and invested in 18 growing companies during her tenure there between 1996 and 2000. As a Partner and one of four members of the firm’s Investment Committee, Ms. Gallagher was responsible for reviewing and approving all of the firm’s investment and divestiture decisions. 

Prior to joining Thayer, Ms. Gallagher was a Vice President at Allied Capital Corporation, where she worked with Mr. Williams from 1992 to 1996. At Allied, Ms. Gallagher originated seven mezzanine and private equity investments which generated an average internal rate of return of over 23%. Prior to Allied, Ms. Gallagher worked as a credit policy analyst and a commercial loan officer for Chase Manhattan, now JPMorgan Chase in New York. 

Ms. Gallagher received her Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College. Ms. Gallagher has served on the board of directors of various portfolio companies and charitable organizations. Currently she serves as an independent director for two venture backed companies, Tales2Go, Inc., an education technology company in Bethesda, MD and MTI Global Stem, a biotech company located in Rockville, MD. Ms. Gallagher is also a Trustee at St. Georges School, in Middletown, RI.